New Millennium Writings

Issue 19 — 2009-10

John Updike
photo by Jill Krementz
The Late John Updike, on God, Rabbits, Sex, & Writing, 88
Of all the celebrity deaths of 2009, the toughest for NMW was that of John Updike, who died of lung cancer on Jan. 27, 2009. The self-effacing man of tact, taste and sometime flamboyant letters brought instant credibility to New Millennium Writings in 1996 when he agreed to be interviewed for our upstart literary journal. Here's that first-ever NMW author profile, anachronisms and all.
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Quick Tour: On Obama, our Study Guide for Teachers, Writers, and More, 5

I. Short-Short Fiction—Award Winners and Honorable Mentions, 7
Allison Alsup, Grass Shrimp, 8
Tim Johnson, America the Beautiful, 12
Barbara Zimmermann, Southern Discomfort, 18

II. Fiction—Award Winners and Honorable Mentions, 23
Steve Fayer, Calliope, 24
Rusty Dolleman, Sheepdog, 43

III. Nonfiction—Award Winners and Honorable Mentions, 57
Katharine Goodridge Ingram, Swimming Under Salvador, 58
Melanie M. Hoffert, The Allure of Grain Trucks, 68
Lucy Sieger, Domestic Insurgency, 84

IV. Special Obama Awards—Winners and Honorable Mentions, 101
Barack Obama, Pop, 102
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Madelyn Dunham, Passing On, 104
Frances Payne Adler, In the White House, 107
Suellen Wedmore, Because, 108
Sarah Miller, By Contrast, 110

V. Poetry Suite—Award Winners and Honorable Mentions, 113
Ed Frankel, An Altar for Uncle Joe, 114Wallace Stevens & the Justice League, 117
Trish Lindsey Jaggers, On the Night They Took Your Life, 119
Honorable Mentions
RB Morris, flutter off, 122
Ruth Thompson, Speaking of the Muse, 123, For Lucille, 124
Doris Ivie, Cantadora Sings Back Her Soul, 125
Aliene Pylant, Gardens, 2001, 126
Ellaraine Lockie, Coming Home in a Haibun, 129
Rhonda Bear, The Red Clay Pot, 130
Ellen Bihler, Red Barns, 131
Christine E. Black, To Dust, 132
Madelyn Camrud, The Pulse, 133
Marilyn Kallet, That Chicken, 134, Love Poem for the Ageless, 135
E.R. Carlin, In the Closet of the Steel Museum, 136
Deborah Brown, String Theories, 137
Deborah DeNicola, Sun Song, 138
Eric Lester, Blushed, 139
Gary Thomas Edwards, Unbridled passion the legacy of man..., 140
Anita Barnard, Building with Straw, 142
Dannye Romine Powell, It Is Harder To Keep You Out of My Thoughts, 143
Gail Fishman Gerwin, Around the Corner from Twelfth, 144
Stephanie Elliott, What the Tattoo Artist Said, 147
Renee Epling, Alchemist, 148
Carol Gilbertson, Birds, 148
Leland James, Dreamscape, 149
Don Hynes, What May Fill the Human Heart, 150
Judith Ann Levison, Last Act, 152
Peter Lopatin, You Are Here, 153
Marianne Chrystalbridge, Inheritance, 154
Ouida Williams, The Last Time You Kissed Me, 155
Pat Landreth Keller, Not for Publication, 156
Cathy Kodra, Bell Curve, 159
Ellen LaFlèche, What My French-Canadian Grandmother Said..., 160, Dyeing the Child, 161
David Krump, The Bull Moose Sum, 162
Katie Letcher Lyle, Love Will Take All, 163
Sarah Maté, After the Circus, 164, Night Train to Memphis, 165
Ken McCullough, Four Fingers and A Thumb, 166
M. B. McLatchey, Snow Globe, 168
Veronica Patterson, Dead End Job, 169, Q: Why Did Spring Invent Impressionism? 169
Suzanne Owens, Music on the Magnetic River of Let's Return, 170
JoAnne Preiser, On the Set, 171
Jonathan Rice, After Perseids, 172
Barbara Smith-Alfaro, Oddly American, 174
Laura Still, Dance of the Manatees, 176, I See Rainbows, 177
Joseph A. Soldati, Rain in Murano, 178
Michael Sweeney, Patriots Now, 179
Pamela Spiro Wagner, Three, For Those Left Behind, 180
SIAM, Contemplation, 182, Plumage, 182
Candance Reaves, Come Back, 183
Anthony Russell White, The Girl with Extra Electricity, 184
Diana Woodcock, Choosing A Desert, 185
Alexandra Wild, The Irrational, 186
Robert Carl Williams, I met the hour on the road, 187
Lansing King, Piper, 188, Prozac, 189
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VI. Departments

New Contest Guidelines, 22, Notes on Contributers, 190
Funnier Than Fiction, by Ouida Welch Williams 122
Study Guide, 196 & Writing Advice,Don Williams, 208

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