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“For anyone who gives a whit about writing or the human condition, New Millennium Writings should be required reading.” —Kane S. Latranz, Alibi

Writers Tribe Review has posted a strong in-depth review of New Millennium Writings

The deadline in our current contest is Midnight, January 31.

We are pleased to announce the New Millennium Awards for Short-Short Fiction in our 38th competition.

Judging in the Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry categories is in the final stages and awards will be announced soon.

Marcia Peck of Minnetonka, MN has won the New Millennium Short-Short Fiction Prize for “Sounding Memento Mori,” her story of a romantic chance encounter, one long remembered and treasured, though it barely made ripples in the surface of the character’s life. Peck will receive $1,000, a certificate to document the success, and publication both online and in the 2016 issue, which all contestants will receive.

Short-Short Fiction Honorable Mentions

James Baughman, Eastham, MA
Chad Broughman, Harbor Springs, MI
Cody Callihan, Brooklyn, NY
David Campbell, Victoria, Australia
Lindsay DeWitt, Johnson City, TN
Lili Flanders, Los Angeles, CA
Thomas Fox, West Orange, NJ
Robert Gass, West Allis, WI
Joseph Hoffman, Valdosta, GA
Victoria Jarnigo, Knoxville, TN
Samsun Knight, Brookline, MA
Thomas Mulhern, Paradise Valley, AZ
Nicholas Nelson, San Luis Obispo, CA
JeanAnn Pollard, Winslow, ME
Regina Porter, Brooklyn, NY
Miles Rausch, Sioux Falls, SD
Susanna Speier, Denver, CO
Stephanie Thurrott, Dedham, MA
John Trout, San Francisco, CA
Zach White, McMinnville, OR


37th New Millennium Writings Awards and Honorable Mentions

Joan S. McLean of Siler City, NC has won the 37th New Millennium Poetry Prize for “Remember This.” Her poem captures those moments that catch our breath, and reminds us that time flees from us, even as we try to grasp it, and that both heartbreak and freedom reside in this knowledge. 

John Mauk, of Oxford, OH, has won the New Millennium Fiction Prize for “Sounding for Mercy,” his story of a diminutive sound engineer whose super heroic act to help a vocal artist may hide deeper, and darker, motivations.

Daisy Pitkin of Tucson, AZ has won the New Millennium Nonfiction Prize for “Sowing Cycles,” the story of her childhood with a struggling mother in a small town dominated by the large farm that employs

Roswell Spafford of Santa Cruz, CA, has won the New Millennium Short-Short Fiction Prize for “Watering Stones,” her story of a woman struggling with her feelings about an unexpected pregnancy and the world the baby will grow up in.

Winners in each category will receive $1,000, a certificate to document the success, and publication both online and in the 2015 issue, which all contestants will receive next spring.

Our talented Honorable Mentions are listed below. Each of the Poetry Honorable Mentions' poems will also appear in the 2015 edition of NMW.

The final deadline in our current contest is Midnight, November 17th. Watch for winners to be announced in Spring 2015

$4,000 in Prizes, plus publication in NMW and at $1,000 each for best Short Fiction; best Short-Short Fiction (1,000-word limit), best Poem, best Nonfiction (Nonfiction includes humor, memoir, creative nonfiction, travel, opinion, essay, interview, features, reporting, etc.)


Poetry Honorable Mentions

Benjamin Busch, Reed City, MI
Virginia Connors, West Hartford, CT
Christina Frei, Hilversum, Netherlands
Carol Frith, Sacramento, CA
Carmen Gillespie, Lewisburg, PA
Jonathan Greenhause, Jersey City, NJ
William Hurst, Waltham, MA
Dee Matthews, Brookfield, MA
Molly Meyer, Plano, TX
Rebecca Okrent, S. Wellfleet, MA
Laura Rand, Auburn, CA
William Pitt Root, Bayfield, CO
Irene Sabean, Portland, ME
Brittney Scott, Richmond, VA
John E. Simonds, Honolulu, Hawai’i
Michael Sukach, Colorado Springs, CO
Jim Glenn Thatcher, Yarmouth, ME
Arnold Weingart, Chicago, IL
Carl Zettelmeyer, Lake Worth, FL
Elaine Zimmerman, Hamden, CT


Fiction Honorable Mentions

Jacob Appel, New York
Leslee Becker, Fort Collins, CO
Thomas Benz, Evanston, IL
Susan Breen, Irvington
Ruth Cowling, London, United Kingdom
Ree Davis, Roanoke, VA
Vikki Engle, Charlottesville, VA
Melanie Jennings, Portland, OR
Lee Romer Kaplan, Oakland, CA
Catherine Kelso, Perris, CA
Louise Marburg, New York, NY
Lucie Ogilvie, Kinsale, VA
Alyssa Proujansky, New York, NY
Patrick Pujolas, Fairlawn, OH
Jason Rizos, Portland, OR
Joann Smith, Bronx, NY
Sharon Solwitz, Chicago, IL
Lynne Stoecklein, Parker, CO
James Waller, Falls Church, VA
Dallas Yetter, Portland


Nonfiction Honorable Mentions

Jacob Appel, New York, NY
Emily Avery-Miller, Watertown, MA
Flynn Berry, Irvington, NY
Jan Bindas-Tenney, Tucson, AZ
John Branscum, Indiana, PA
Mike Bullard, Coeur d'Alene, ID
Erin Byrne, Auburn, WA
Sophfronia Scott Gregory, Sandy Hook, CT
Nancy Jainchill, Woodstock, NY
Gail Wilson Kenna, Wicomico Church, VA
Alberta Nassi, Sacramento, CA
Barbara Shave, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Kenneth Smith, Grants Pass, OR
Morgan Smith, Santa Fe, NM
Laura Sweeney, Ames, IA
Wendy Thornton
Christopher Topel, Atlanta, GA
Vanda Wark, New York, NY
Jeffrey Weinstock, Miami Beach, FL
Cynthia Zelman, Stoughton,MA


Short-Short Fiction Honorable Mentions

Margo Barnes, Tucson, AZ
Sunny Bossenmaier, Cortez, Colorado
Chad Broughman, Harbor Springs, MI
Samantha Coggin, New York, NY
Kathy Conde, Superior, CO
Tyler Dempsey, Francis, OK
Deborah DeNicola, Pompano Beach, FL
Jonathan Eberle, Tacoma, WA
Lili Flanders, Los Angeles, CA
Jim Hohenbary, Manhattan, KS
Ronald Jackson, Durham, NC
William Marcy, Jefferson Valley, NY
Chester Meyer, Catskill, NY
Thomas Mulhern, Paradise Valley, AZ
Emmett Rensin, Chicago, IL,
Frank Rizzuto, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
David Ross, Whitesboro, NY
RC Smith, Jamestown, NC
James Waller, Falls Church, VA

All winning entries and selected finalists will also appear in the 2015 issue of New Millennium Writings, due out next spring.

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