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“The characters in 'Invasive Species' are larger-than-life and totally compelling; they are so fresh and vividly made that they have merged with my life. I've not read a more inventive story in a long while. This juxtaposition of myth and reality will haunt readers in many lovely ways.”
—Novelist Allen Wier, on Jacob Appel's prize‑winning story

“'Incoming Wounded' is a powerful poem that rises from the ashes of the personal in an archetypal, universal way. This poem is filled with indelible imagery. The last eight lines are dynamite, heartbreaking, as Tsvetayeva said, 'Bullets that go straight to the heart.' It is a fierce statement for all times.”
—American Book Award winner Pamela Uschuk on Maureen O'Brien's prize‑winning poem

“I posted the essay on Facebook and got such wonderful comments from writers I admire, I'm facing my novel with new heart!”
—Juliet Wittman, author of 'My American Friend,' herein

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